Trade, Commerce and Handcraft Business

High competition with narrow profit margin is typical for trade.

And this in spite of increasing requirements and demands of the customers!

Energy costs are an important aspect - reduction of the costs with the same or even higher comfort – and at the same time lower overheads.

To operate economically is therefore a key for improving the profit margin immediately.

INEKON helps you to increase energy efficiency and to lower energy costs.

INEKON Services:

We authorize concepts for reducing energy consumption - specifically adjusted to branches and customer demand.

Whether a combined heat and power unit (for instance a cogeneration unit) is economic, which kind of installation technique can be combined with it, or how an efficient heat retrieval can be used or optimized - we look at the total energy costs of your company and help to reduce it.

For the implementation of constructional and technical measures we offer project coordination and quality safety, to make sure that your investments pay off.

As an expert for energy performance certificates (EPC) we verify by way of calculation the proof according to DIN V 18599 for authoring of energy passes and credit applications at the 'Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau' (KfW-Community credit-Energy sanatation of buildings).