Companies & Production

Our stronghold are calculations, knowledgeable analyses of business management and technical contexts and optimizations in respect to energy consumption or in respect to the economy of existing constructions or new investments.

We elaborate on your demands and your specific requirements.

  • Analysis of energy consumption
  • Calculation of efficiency
  • Load analysis
  • Measure for optimizing
  • Authoring of solicitations and contract specification
  • Project planing
  • Project management and -coordination

Advantages for the customer:

  • Reliability
  • professional competence
  • flexible adjustment to the task and the needs of the customer
  • strong analytical and strategic procedure
  • long experiences in leading and coordinating interdisciplinary and international projects
  • technical and economic knowledge of the energy market
  • calculable and manageable costs
  • Price model for energy management services at fixed, all-inclusive annual costs


  • Fernwärme Ulm GmbH:
    analysis and optimization measures for load optimizing
  • energy efficiency calculations
  • data-analysis (programing, analysis, graphical preparation)
  • measures for cost optimization